//Canon 600D I couldn’t sleep. I smoked. This happened. Advertisements

My room

I got bored, so I took some pictures of my room. It’s not done yet. I can’t for my walls to be covered with pretty things and nice memories.

November 1th

November first was great. Had a blast. I hope the rest of the day is as fun and awesome as that day was.  


//canon 600D The sun is shining today, so I am going to enjoy it from my couch, with fishcakes, weeds and vitamin water.  

Iphone Diary #3

//Iphone 4 We decided to go to art galleries, drink whiskey and enjoy life. Later that day I went to a classic music concert, and fell even more in love with classical music.

Grand General + supp. Seven Impale.10.10.13

//Nikon D700// Some pictures from tonight. First time ever being a (official) photographer at a concert. Had lots of fun actually. What do you guys think? More pictures HERE

it seems like so long ago

Since last time I posted something here a lot has changed. I’ve moved to Bergen. I live in a pretty apartment with a friend. I volunteer at Hulen, and I work at the… Continue reading


I haven’t updated this blog in ages. I’ve been busy sleeping, drinking and not being productive. It’s quite sad actually to look back and see that I’ve done nothing productive…, nothing important. Im… Continue reading


//Canon 600D Some testshots I took last week for a school assignment :)


    //Canon 600D some pictures I took whilst playing in the snow :)