Winter wonderland

//Canon 600D It’s so difficult to take a sharp picture when you can’t stand still because of the cold (mostly because I don’t dress according to the weather and I end up freezing… Continue reading


//Canon 600D Before christmas dinner I fed the animals with my new little friend :) It was quite nice and I’ve never taken pictures of kids. I actually find it very very funny… Continue reading


//canon 600D

Time traveling pt.3

//Nikon D80 The good ol’days

Streets of Paris

//Nikon D80 // 2011 The streets of Paris seen from a sightseeing bus


Some more old pictures from Christmas 2010. Every year we make marzipan and chocolate balls. I haven’t taken pictures in ages, so maybe i’ll take my camera for a little walk this weekend.


//Nikon D80  


Some more old analogue pictures from 2010. These are also from Christmas. Every year me and my mother celebrate Christmas in a little village called Sauland on a little farm. When I was… Continue reading


I found some old analogue pictures from Christmas in 2010.


//Canon 600D Qu’elle brisait votre vie L’amour, ça fait pleurer Comme quoi l’existence Ça vous donne toutes les chances Pour les reprendre après