La vie en rose

//Canon 600D That knife makes my tummy tingle, because I am so friggin scared of dropping it and loosing my foot. Also I can’t decide wich picture I prefer the most. Advertisements

Non je ne regrette rien

//canon 600D I am horrible at planning shoots. I am not good at portraits. I like random snapshots, street photography. Anywhoosers I took this for a school assignment, the picture don’t match the… Continue reading


//Canon 600D I am trying to see my neighborhood trough “new” eyes. The most common thing can be special, I just need to look closer. My favorite window is the second one on… Continue reading

Iphone Diary #2

iPhone diary #1

//Iphone 4 Needless to say I didn’t bring my camera. I should have, but I think the Iphone pictures turned out pretty ok. I love the grainy look and the matte colors. They… Continue reading


//Canon eos 600D Tomorrow I’m leaving to attend a girl conference . I am not sure If I should bring my camera, it is only for the weekend, and the schedule is PACKED, so… Continue reading


Home. I had to take a picture of something that represents my home.. It was difficult, not only cause I had to take the picture, edit it, upload it and send it within… Continue reading

Things I love.

  // Canon 600D Pasta salad, apple juice and spoons. Analogue photography  books, The Beatles  Lars Saabye Christiansen, Analogue film, writing, and developing pictures. Wooden floors.

For the times they are a-changin’

    //Canon 600D Today I went for a walk out in the woods. I love the weather right now, it is right in the between of late autumn and early winter, the… Continue reading


//Canon 600D   When I least expect it I end up with pictures like these. So far away from my comfort zone. But I’m actually pleased with the outcome, it is my first… Continue reading