I miss my little table,I miss the darkroom, the studio and I miss not living at home. Advertisements


//Disposable camera I miss Paris. I miss the smells, the tastes and the surroundings. ps: Yesterday I bought tickets to London. Going there easter 2013 with my friend. I’m so excited.

Down by the pier

//Canon Eos 600D Bergen is beautiful. And wet, and cold.. but very beautiful.


//Canon EOS 600D Dinner, and dessert. Last week was the best week ever. i’ll post some random and fun pictures on my other blog, and some pretty and also slightly random pictures here.… Continue reading


//Canon 600D My feet are getting cold. Norway is cold. I think i’m going to Bergen next week. It’s even colder there I think.. It rains much more there. I was going to… Continue reading


//Canon Eos 600D Suburbs House, white fence. Happy. Office job, nice car, good kid, soccer mom. I want to take more pictures of the suburbs, I’ve started to make some drafts, and stuff..… Continue reading

Making love

// Canon EOS 600D “Making love is like eating fish, you spread the bones (“Bena” has two meanings in Norwegian, both, “bones” and “legs”) and enjoy the rest” Found this yesterday (Thursday), written… Continue reading


//Canon 600D It is 2:37AM. I have school tomorrow. I am tired. Meh. I should be sleeping. But I can’t. 2:38.


//Canon EOS 600D I really like the blurry picture. The feeling you get. the feelings you don’t get. These days my mind is blurry and not really here, and explaining why would take… Continue reading


//Nikon D80 I can’t wait to become a mom, and take care of somebody and love someone else so much and strongly. When I was growing up all the girls in my class… Continue reading