On a walk.

//Nikon D80 I took this on the first week of school. We had a Photosafari, so I took some snapshots of the people I saw. We went really early so I didn’t see… Continue reading


// Nikon D80 These were taken for the last school assignment before the summer. We could do whatever we wanted , so I took some pictures of my friend and her horse. It… Continue reading

Kids waiting

// Canon EOS 600D Kids waiting. Waiting for their parents, friends, everything. Waiting to grow up, waiting for school to start, to end. Waiting for life to begin.

Time traveling pt.2

//Nikon D80 While time traveling I also visited some rich folk living on a huge farm in Sweden. This picture is taken in one of their many “hobby”rooms. Edit: Also check out my… Continue reading

Time traveling

//Nikon D80 I really enjoy time traveling. When I was in Stockholm I took a trip to the 18th century. You know, just for fun. I’ll upload some more pictures when I get… Continue reading


//Nikon D80 Took this while on a boat in Stockholm. The light was amazing. Stockholm is so beautiful. I really want to live here some day.


//Nikon D80 A meerkat on a rock, just chilling. Probably waiting for Pumbaa.

Men at work.

//Nikon D80 I LOVE taking pictures of random people on the street, and random snapshots. I love street photography. Everything about it. These are some random pictures I took in May. They got me really… Continue reading




// Analogue – Film: Ilford , Iso 400, and I can’t remember exactly what camera I used, but it was canon something.(the scanner I used was filthy, and had a stupid yellow line) I hate… Continue reading